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Since each shooting or each job is very different, I can determine the exact price only by knowing the conditions. The price is determined as follows: from the expense, the equipment wear, the travel expenses, the purpose and a use permit for self-promotion.


Portraits ... (1)
from 50,-- €
Animals / Sports
from 60,-- €
Products / Architectures
from 120,-- €
from 750,-- €
Celebrations / Events
from 150,-- €
Proms (per student)
from 10,-- €
Workshops (per hour)
from 10,-- €
Photo usage
from 30,-- €
Photo: framed in 40x50cm
30,-- €
(1) including 5 extra edited pictures, each additional picture 3,-- Euro

All pictures will always be handed out in high resolution on CD / DVD!

If you like photos of any area or want to have an offer for a contract / shooting, please contact me.

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