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News: 2022

September 23, 2022
Company Party
At the end of September I accompanied a company anniversary, after a factory tour we went on to a golf taster and archery, then the evening event followed. Here are some pictures:

September 11, 2022
Women's Football
Last weekend the 1st women's team from BVB Dortmund was a guest at the 2nd women's team from SV Hohenlimbug 1910, here are a few pictures from the game

September 9, 2022
MGC Hagen
At the beginning of September the club championships took place at the Märkischer Golfclub Hagen, here are a few pictures:

September 6, 2022
We were lucky enough to meet the team of BVB on the ride before a home game and also got a few autographs:

August 17, 2022
Father & Son
A little Father & Son Shooting:

August 10, 2022
In July we were in Sweden for a few weeks, here are some pictures:

July 31, 2022
At the end of July I took some pictures of my niece doing show jumping:

June 12, 2022
Here are a few pictures from the event "New Princesses" of the LiteraturSommerHellweg at the Wasserschloss Werdringen in Hagen. Between the readings by Felicity Whitmore, Jovana Reisinger, Heike Geiß and Sandra Da Vina, the band "The Silverettes" provided further entertainment.

June 11, 2022
Girls Cup
On June 11, 2022, the 1st Girls Cup of the TUS Eichlinghofen took place in Dortmund-Eichlinghofen. I took some pictures of the U9 girls from SV Hohenlimburg 1910. They played a great tournament.

June 6, 2022
At the weekend my wife and I took part in the mammoth march in Heidelberg. The route was 42 km long and had a little more than 1000 meters of altitude difference. In between there were two supply points with snacks and drinks. It was a really great experience and a super event that I would definitely recommend and will definitely take part in again!

April 7, 2022
Here are some pictures from a Newborn-Shooting:

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